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I only do to pass the time, it is a good way to remove stress.



Crap.... by rev4559
it was raining, so I decided to take some pictures of the environment, when I took this... a second later I took another, and the red ball was not in it... this is the last drop of the water, I want to go home... :iconscaredplz:
I don't know what is worse, not being able to see my note of ENEM or people who took 1000 in wording acting like grown a second head...
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TDW - Lycoris and Necromon by rev4559
TDW - Lycoris and Necromon
My app for :iconthedigitalwar:
Any errors blame the translator, I may correct it later, man, this trip is more destroying me than helping...

+ Tamer info

: Lycoris Amaya
-Nicknames: Ly [only Necromon can call her that] and Aya-chan [only Akae call her that way]
-Age: 17
-Gender: Female
-Birthday: 01/13/1998
-Blood type: -AB
-Digivice: Digital LED Pocket Watch […
-Digital Shard: :iconshardknowledgeplz:
-Height: 5'7" [she's a little taller than the girls of her age]; 5'8"/5'9" with boots
-Weight: 45.7 kg
-Nationality: Japanese
-Place of birth: Odaiba, Japan

Mother- Ikuyo Amaya
Father - Ryo Amaya [deceased]
Adopted sister - Amaya Sayuri

Lycoris appears to be cold outside, only those who really know her know that this is only a barrier that she puts on herself; she just shows some kindness to Necromon. She is also a good observer, good for formulating plans and uncover people. She sometimes seems flighty but is wide awake from her surroundings and is not afraid to speak the truth in people's faces.

*First Contact:
She was born and grew up as a normal child, had her first contact with Digimon when they attacked on Christmas in 2002, which she ended up stuck in the building that was with her family. Interestingly it was a Digimon who saved her, but as no one could see, no one knows who did it.
*Growing Up:
Two months of this attack, her family moved to Osaka, during which time she was not very sociable and many were afraid of her for her sukeban style. At the time she discovers the internet and her ability with it. In the meantime she make friends with a girl, Akae, who later ends up going blind because of an illness. A few months after suffering an accident involving a drunk man who beat against the window of the shop where she was and the shrapnel hit her face, because of that she always wears bandages.
After 12 years, her family returns to Odaiba. But the routine of Lycoris has become: school-home-flower shop; most of the time was spent in front of many computers that she have in her room. One day her mother's house shoos her off with the excuse that she had to get more fresh air in this situation she finds a wounded Sudamon and solves to help, this time appears a group of troublemakers and try to take Sudamon, Lycoris try to do something but is beaten, until her pocket watch reacts launching a purple light making Sudamon digivolve to Necromon, which make the group away with success after that. After these events he told his story and reasons for coming to the human world, and having no memories of his past, Lycoris promises to help in this regard.
After months checking [and hacking] several sites, she is faced with the faction called Sol and its achievements in defending the human and digital world, Lycoris think a little suspicious, but if this is to help Necromon, but does not mean she will accept all gladly ...

+ Food:
Candy [mainly traditional or jelly];
Japanese traditional foods [usually types of noodles];
Chinese food.
+ Nature:
Oriental gardens;
+ personal:
Invasion of sites/privacy;
Video games [8-bit style and rhythm games];
Silence and tranquility;
Read [mangas or books];
Series of criminal investigation.

Fanboys / fangirls;
People who have no sense of decency, fashion or label;
People who act completely opposite to what they are;
People who do not keep the promised;
Many people in one place;
Noisy places;
And people who have too much and do nothing.

= She will not follow orders if they do not please her;
= Lycoris has a white cat named Snowball;
= She does not like to see people saying that their lives were a drama or horrible [parents who ignored them, etc.] without knowing what it is to see the death of close;
= She has a habit of hacking all, from websites to personal files in her room has a wall with notes and passwords to God knows where, and multiple computers in her room;
= She is currently trying to discover the source code of Digimon, she believes their digievolutions are already pre-programmed, even the dark, but need to see the code to be sure;
= Many confuse her with a sukeban because of the way she wear the school uniform, off the bandages that not much help the situation;
= She can use the
hacked information as blackmail material;
= She hides two facts: one is that she can play the violin, another is that she likes to make dolls [fabric or knitting].

[Mother] Ikuyo Amaya - have a good relationship with her mother, just think she is too concerned with trivial matters;
[Adopted sister] Amaya Sayuri - does not have a very nice relationship with her because she always acts like a spoiled child and always tries to find out the password of her computers;
[NPC] Akae Hideyoshi (currently in Italy) - first person Lycoris befriended, was diagnosed with glaucoma too late and ended up going blind as a result;
[NPC] Mitsu Tsukino - in fact she is a friend of her sister, but eventually approaching Lycoris by their Digimon be the alternative evolution of hers;
[NPC] Seishimon [Mitsu partner] - Lycoris has no problems with her since that not make bad things to Sudamon;
[NPC] Orisee Von McKaren - she is neighbor of Lycoris, despite being Lycoris who save her most of the time when she gets some confusion;
[NPC] Shitsujumon [Orisse partner] - as well as Sudamon, he is not very sociable, but Lycoris learned to deal with that situation, Lycoris who takes care of him when Orisee can not take him together with her.

+ Digimon partner:

-Stage: Rookie
-Gender: Male
-Height: 2'3 "
-Attribute: Virus
-Family: Nightmare soldiers; Unknown

-Personality: In this form he seems shy, when someone approaches he will usually hide behind Lycoris. Nevertheless he has a protective instinct towards Lycoris, and has a short fuse to provocations [these two are natural instincts of this race].
[Side note: his personality changes in every evolution]

Bells and gizmos;
Sour candy.

Be provoked;
Don't be taken seriously;
Jokes regarding his appearance [this applies to all evolutions];
His in-trainning form;
Lycoris be in danger.

-Extra: He wears a white
accessory with a black sakura flower, given to him by Lycoris to keep the hair out of his face; it will accompany him changing shape in every evolution.

These Digimon were created from the attempt of hackers who considered Digimon a threat and
tried to use corrupted data [used on destruction and recreation of sites] on their making just to destroy the digital world from inside, but the attempt failed because they developed free will and abandoned their primary objective, but as a result of that data, they get a stronger connection with the death and "spiritualism" [in other words, they can see ghosts scripts] and the runes that they carry with themselves [some of these reminds the crests of the original digidestined, each one having a meaning].


-Einatmon - The all see digimon.
Level: In fresh
Poison bubbles - blow greenish bubbles to the enemy.

-Sudamon - The leech digimon.
Level: In training
Acid spores - blows black needles that cause a slight corrosion on the skin of the enemy.

-Necromon - The novice necromancer digimon.
Level: rookie
Dark ritual - according to the direction it points the staff, with black circles with runes will appear and will fall black meteorites in the local of the circles;
Crystal arrows - with a quick flick of the staff are thrown smithereens clear as glass.

-Hanabakimon - The grave keeper digimon [locked]
Level: Champion
Soul crush - the runes of his scarf shine and each rune
become ghosts swords that attack the opponent, does not cause physical damage, but the opponent will feel like it have driven thousands of swords in their body;
Ether Spear - the shovel data are modified and it becomes a spear of light, he can both attack with it and throws it at the enemy.

-Kharomon - The soul guide digimon [locked]
Level: Ultimate
Equivalent Enchange - the damage he suffered from an attack, he returns to the enemy through a spear of light generated by the crystal stuck in his chest;
Water dragon - the keys on his belt gain a bluish glow and he casts a
serpent made of ice and water;
Final verdict - it points the flashlight to the opponent if it turns green it will be saved, if it is red it will be eradicated with a laser coming straight Lantern [used as final blow].

-Zushakomon - The death god digimon [locked]
Level: Mega
Ice disturbance - the runes earn a bluish aura and conjure ice spears against the opponent;
Acid corrosion - a black circle appears below the current opponent and chains leave holding up the enemy and pulling to the circle, when contacting the circle the body will be burned/corroded until be destroyed;
Instant death- the belts of his legs apart and stretch more fidgeting violently like snakes, they grab their opponent and let next to it, the belts of the sleeves of his robe modify as two swords, he gives the deathblow that can be pious [thrusting swords] or mercilessly [decapitation].

RP info:
GMT -3:00 [
but doesn't apply the Daylight Saving Time where I live]
RP style: Para and Script
RP methods: Notes, comments and chats
Anyone know what to do with a 2G internet?
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My parents taking advantage of this month be the last of the vacation, are dragging everyone from home for the farm of my father, the maximum will be two weeks, but the problem is I do not know how is the internet connection of the place, so do not know if I'll be able to look at the website or post pictures that I found decent.
I'll see what I do there....
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  • Playing: Shovel Knight; Cave Story; Castle Crashers
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I don't know what is worse, not being able to see my note of ENEM or people who took 1000 in wording acting like grown a second head...
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  • Playing: Shovel Knight; Cave Story; Castle Crashers
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm rev4559, but just call me rev. I'm from Brazil, the northeast region to be precise, believe me when I say that sometimes here looks like a desert in the summer...
I like to draw for fun and take pictures, as the basic I like animals, especially cats and koi fishes, and plants and flowers, especially lilies and orchids.
Do not really like too crowded or noisy places, I am a person who loves the silence and calm.
Bullying does not affect me anymore, then if you come here just to try to put me down with bad comments about my artworks, I recommend not trying, I am a very possessive person and lately I have some wants to tear the skin the first person to take a be funny with me, my mom says gets scared a bit when I talk like this ...

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